Looking for a Mentor


This week has been rough.

I feel like I’ve done a million things in terms of working on my projects and learning new concepts in web development but nothing’s complete. Of course, learning will take more time. Right now the focus is React, which at first glance, seems simple enough, but my gut tells me there’s more to it. I’ll have to dig deeper and push myself to fully grasp it so I can kill it on my final project.

This whole process of learning and building has highlighted a gaping problem in my coding journey: the lack of a real mentor.

I need an expert developer whom I can trust and feel safe with, someone who won’t make me feel lesser for the gaps in my knowledge. In other words, won’t look down at my stupid questions. Someone whom I can freely go to with my concerns without feeling like a bother. Someone who genuinely cares for my growth and success in the field of programming. Someone who can guide me around the future potholes and bring light to the dark places ahead. And, of course, someone who can help me get a job in the future. I want to reach my highest potential as a coder, and I honestly don’t believe I can do that alone.

I need a mentor.

It’s why I’m determined to go to the Women Who Code meetup happening here in Atlanta in the next few weekends. I want to find a woman coder and learn the essentials, especially what’s like to be a woman in a field dominated by men. How do I navigate the male programming culture and its intricacies–how do I deal with issues that could potentially get in the way of my thriving as a web developer?

People in general grossly underestimate the struggles women have to go through in the workplace, quickly dismissing women’s concerns as annoying gripes or “feminazi” chatter. Women want the same respect and human dignity given to men, and yet for some reason, this is considered some radical desire intent on destroying the “family”. It’s not. Women just want to live without having to fight unnecessary battles based solely on their gender. I wish society would: 1. Leave people alone. 2. Treat everyone with respect. 3. Treat everyone according to their actions and not according to their [insert identity here].

But of course, I’ll most likely be dead before such sweeping changes happen. All I can do is work hard to bring us closer to that ideal. Anyway, I’ve digressed too much.

I sincerely hope I can find a mentor in the meetup I’ve signed up for. I’m not feeling too confident about where I am right now.

Where’s my Yoda?

Question: How did you find your mentor?

Stay amazing,










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